Local Property Tax – regrets, anyone?

So. We paid. Deep regrets. Didn’t see how to get out of it. Think it’s a retrogressive tax and feel deeply disloyal to all those who have stood firm and not paid but just feel that there is no realy way of getting out of this and I’m afraid the Attack the Tax crowd didn’t sound too convincing on the question, so what do we do if you lose? Big sigh. I know exactly how coercive societies can be now. I cannot blame people for going along with government policies. If I were in government, I would begin to realise how much power I had over people’s lives. Ah, well. Another day, another noose closing. We have so little freedom within societies, which is why, ultimately, I don’t think societies are in our best interests. Yet it would take a hugely responsible community of individuals to live together without organisation. I can imagine such a group, but it would be selective. (Oh, and even writing this feels subversive. Although so few people read this that it makes as near to no difference as possible, nevertheless I am all too conscious that once this is posted, it’s out there in the ether, ready to be used against me at the click of a few buttons by anyone with the nous to do minimal research. Yet I also feel that this is important enough an issue of individual freedom further curtailed to merit a mention. Hello, future self. How do you feel now?



2 thoughts on “Local Property Tax – regrets, anyone?

  1. Few may read it but some do and do and keep it up.

    A site and an article that touches on your areas of interest can be found here
    and here

    You may not agree with the politics and you can skip the directly political preambles and go on (when you have time) to the more general discussion of people and nature from a marxist point of view. I have not waded through all this so I can’t really vouch for it. The terminology is unhelpful and potentially misleading (“communism”) in places.

    Many of even the most militant diehards ended up paying the LPT because they had little choice with Revenue involved.

    Good luck with the final stretch. Oops 🙂


    1. Thanks, DD. Appreciated, as always.
      I’m not sure it’s a problem that people don’t always have the same take, politically. Diversity is probably better for democracy, as long as discussion stays relatively civil… The final stretch is most certainly the most arduous. Better get back to it. Hope to discuss this further one day.

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