Month: September 2014

Violence and inattention

I have been reluctant to update this, since, from my hazy understanding of university rules, there may be consequences to my publishing complete sections of my finished thesis before the final version is agreed with the university (I know I’ve published drafts, but I think they’re as unlike the final effort as a haggis is a sheep) so I’m holding off in fear of doing anything to jeapordise the final hurdle. In the meantime, therefore I would recommend you go to Tim Morton’s blog, Ecology Without Nature, which is nothing at all to do with anything I’ve looked into, except that he’s a rather sensitive soul, beneath the bluster, and most certainly worth listening to. Just before the Scottish Referendum (about which, ah me, we will say very little at this stage), he talked at a conference in Glasgow and has recorded it here:¬† Listen. And learn.