I completed a PhD at University College Cork, here in Ireland, and successfully defended the thesis last October. The thesis was in the field of Environmental Philosophy, entitled, ‘From respect for nature to realisation as agency in response to the ecological emergency’. The focus of the thesis is on the narratives and conceptual frameworks we use to understand our relationship and responsibilities to the ecological context, and on what prospects we have to shift these frameworks so that we respond more effectively, and mitigate some of the impacts that have allowed the ecological catastrophes we are living in to develop.
This site is a record of the thesis, and I am gradually updating it. This is because the chapters on this site don’t correspond precisely with the chapters in my thesis – they’re sometimes earlier versions, and gradually, I hope, will evolve into more precise versions of what I was trying to say in the thesis. I’d like to publish, eventually, but until then, I’ll work on this site. I’m also adding details of postdoctoral work and proposals. My personal situation has meant that I have spent the last 16 years living in an isolated and marginal area in the north-west of Ireland, having come here, originally from Scotland, via Oxford and Kenya, among other places. I was one of the last people who was allowed the privilege of conducting my doctoral research in Cork almost entirely independently, without having to attend formal workshops, or to complete modules. This means that I have a poor publication record, so I want to use this site as an opportunity (along with https://ucc-ie.academia.edu/lucyweirbinghammcandrew) to address that paucity, by publishing informally here and hopefully developing some interaction with people through comments so that I can hone my writing skills, and get more of a discussion going on the issues I’ve been working to understand.

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