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2 thoughts on “A link to an article on WAW

  1. such a grrrrrreat article, thank you lucy. we are a german couple, both journalist/writer, having lived in glengarriff (west cork) for 15 years. we dearly love the place, but we are extremely concerned about the exploitation of the delicate landscape surrounding us – especially on the beara peninsula. it is somehow contradictory to give planning permission for the ugly, disgusting and polluting salmon “farms” (concentration camps) and at the same time proclaim eco-tourism and wild atlantic way.

    1. Kind, good words. I’m not sure what we do about salmon farming. I’m not at all in favour of salmon farms – haven’t been since the early eighties, can you believe, when they were just being started up in Scotland. Went to a place called Rhenigadale on Harris (isle of) and took a trip with some fishermen who dosed the salmon in a white powder, mixed with seawater, to kill the lice. Killed everything underneath the cages too. And then some seals came close. The fishermen took aim and fired. It’s a linear solution to a cyclical problem – it doesn’t fit. Short term gain for long term loss, like eating your seed corn. But, Elaine, we who care and see these things must, I begin to see, pay great attention to the way we shift our relationships. You communicate beautifully. But some who want others to change are bitter and aggressive. I am too, at times. And this only creates more division, more fragmentation. Somehow, we have to see this, not as ‘them’ and ‘us’ but, however difficult, as ‘us’, all different aspects of the relationships we are involved in. We change by shifting tiny aspects of our own attitude – to ourselves. My father told me to eat farmed, not wild, salmon in the 90s (he was an ornithologist and environmental consultant) because the wild salmon were so scarce. I was then told not to eat salmon at all, if I was concerned! But we have to eat. What to do? What do you do? Are you vegetarian? Even if I were (I was vegan once!) my family – husband, children – are not, and I cannot force them to be. We eat veggie two or three times a week. We keep talking to one another. I keep drawing our attention back to how we can engage more humanely with the world. But there are no perfect relationships, only relationships in dynamic process! Sorry for the length of this response. Thank you so much, again. I know there are many people who are working hard to respect the earth, and we need to support one another in our mutual attempts to shift the juggernaut of civilisation into a less destructive gear!

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