Love is Green: compassion in response to the ecological emergency

My book has been published, and I’d love anyone who wants to please to review it as soon and as thoroughly as possible. I can get copies for you from the publisher, though I don’t know if these will be hard copies or online links. Whichever, I would very much appreciate some feedback. Please be honest, but as kind as you can.

In other news, I’m going to Dublin Castle tomorrow for the National SDG Stakeholder Forum. No idea really how I’m going to be able to contribute, but I’ll use it as an opportunity to get the idea that we have three relationships that intertwine and that can, with the attunement to compassion, allow us to let love show us what to do, through to people. The emergency cranks up each day, but it’s vital that we keep facing down doom and denial, and encouraging small personal, and focus on larger political shifts.

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