Attitude change and behavioural change: compassionate attunement in response to the ecological emergency. A post-doc research project

I would like to offer a refinement in my research project proposal based on work I undertook with Mayo County Council with Early Years Workers. I am open to any offers of work in this area, and am based in North Cork.

I based that work on the Mindfulness, Behaviour Change and Engagement in Environmental Policy approach of Rachel Lilley, Mark Whitehead et al of the University of Aberystwyth. Their research project looked at the impact of a meditation course on the behaviour of a group of selected participants on their working relationships. My project looked at the impact of a course in yoga and meditation on a group of Early Years Workers’ relationships with themselves (attitudinally, particularly in light of the self-acceptance practices that I undertook with them during the course). I also asked in questionnaires at the beginning, middle and at the end of the course about any shift they had experienced in their working and home relationships.

Although the group was very small, their feedback suggested that there had been some shift among some participants in their capacity for self-acceptance, and self-compassion. This then fed back into their working lives. I received one or two particularly poignant and significant pieces of correspondence from participants which indicated a much deeper shift in their level of capacity for self acceptance and self compassion, and a resulting shift in their relationships with others.

The next stage in this project would be to incorporate reference to the more-than-human world, so that the three relationships – self, other (human), and other (more-than-human) were all brought into focus and connected through yoga and meditation awareness-building practices.

For more details on this proposal, and to see how it might fit into your workplace, please get in touch. I would envisage that this would benefit not only the productivity of workers for whom cooperation in the workplace is key, but also helps tackle bigger issues, like the climate and ecological emergency, by building resilience and awareness, helping to shift attitudes, and thus helping to shift behavioural change.


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