Thesis summary

Link to thesis summary

There are a couple of formatting problems with this, but I’m uploading it now for anyone who is interested in getting a general gist of what the thesis is about, but who doesn’t want to read the whole thing. I’m hoping that I’ll turn at least one version of the thesis into a book, but ‘connectivity problems’ (another way of saying that Ireland has the infrastructural capacity of a developing nation) mean that again, today, I’m having trouble getting online, so even attempts to correct and upload are fraught with difficulties. Nevertheless, I’ll publicise any progress on the publishing front here, and, if all else fails, I’ll upload a pdf with the entire thesis on it for those who might be interested.

2 thoughts on “Thesis summary

  1. Dear one–I’m very interested in your work and hope to read your thesis once you get it posted. Right now the link to the Summary is broken. Many thanks and deep bows for all you do! –Valerie in Oregon

    1. OK. Communication is my one great conundrum. I always thought I was great at it – and in some ways, I really am! – but I’ve grown to realise that I have often left out something vital in what I communicate. Your comment is a case in point. Here’s a link. Many thanks for your kind words, and I do hope we will communicate further.

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